A fit, healthy person is a productive person. We all want to be in good physical condition, which is why so many people invest time and money every year in fitness studio memberships, classes, personal trainer services, home workout programs, or fitness apps. However, literally all fitness programs currently on the market neglect one essential part of the human body: the voice. 

We have developed a fitness program that combines fitness training and vocal/speech exercises into a highly effective full-body workout program: The VOXXBODY® Vocal Fitness System. The program is designed to increase and optimize your physical stamina, while simultaneously training the voice to operate with freedom, expressiveness, and power, with as little tension as possible. 

VOXXBODY® was created to make the voice and body more durable in the shortest amount of time possible, while at the same time training the structures that make up the voice to relax and function without restriction, even in extreme physical situations. 

VOXXBODY® incorporates breathing exercises based on Yoga, Tai Chi, and distance running; stretching exercises inspired by yoga and martial arts such as karate and kickboxing; functional training and simple dance choreographies. These exercises are combined with practical vocal warmup techniques. This trains the voice and the muscles of the body to work together, promoting intermuscular coordination using basic movements through the simulation of real-world performance situations.

What You Will Learn

This course will teach you the philosophy of the VOXXBODY® method. To get started, you will learn the history and science behind the program. We will then move on the basics of vocal anatomy, breathing technique, and vocal instruction, as well as the fundamentals of the Human Movement System (aka kinetic chain), and functional exercise. Armed with this knowledge, you will gain a clear understanding of how the VOXXBODY® method works, and how you can conduct your classes safely and effectively.  

Finally, you will learn the physical and vocal exercises of the program, how to structure and sequence the workouts, and how to cue and correct during your classes. At the end of this course, you will be able to create doable, varied workouts that will motivate and inspire your clients. 

As you will see, VOXXBODY® is not merely a new fitness fad, but a comprehensive system based on sound exercise and vocal science principles. It’s pretty fun, too. 

What’s In It For My Clients?

During this course, you will see that VOXXBODY® offers a few distinct benefits for your clients, compared to other fitness programs currently on the market. Here’s a brief overview:

Not just for singers. You don't have to be a singer, actor, or public speaker to enjoy the benefits of vocal training! A robust and healthy voice projects authority and confidence, which is vital to effective communication in the workplace and in private life. VOXXBODY® is designed to help clients reach this goal.

One of the most frequent questions we get from potential VOXXBODY® trainers is, "Do I have to know how to sing to become a trainer?" The answer is "not necessarily." You'd be surprised to learn that some of the greatest vocal coaches and teachers in the business today are not particularly great singers! 

The key to coaching – in any discipline – is the ability to motivate clients and students to learn and go beyond their comfort zones. With the proper motivation and some knowledge, you can inspire your students and clients to achieve great things.

So: if you are a fitness trainer, no special singing skills are required to teach the VOXXBODY® method. Any certified fitness trainer that is interested in singing/speech or verbal communication can become a VOXXBODY® trainer. All you need is the ability to give verbal commands and a sense of rhythm and melody. During this course, you will learn everything you need to know to teach VOXXBODY® classes successfully.

If you are a vocal coach, this course will provide you with the basics principles of fitness training, anatomy, and group fitness instruction.

Actual “full-body” training. When you hear the term “full-body workout,” you think about cardio/aerobic, HIIT-based or boot camp-style programs that involve combinations of upper and lower body movements, with a little core/midsection training thrown in for good measure. Some might think of strength-based circuit programs such as Crossfit, or compound lifts performed during traditional weightlifting routines in the gym. 

In all of these training situations, clients and trainers use their voices, but often in ways that can be bad for your vocal health if you’re not careful. How many times have you gone to the gym and heard or seen people grunting, moaning, or even shouting during their workouts? 

The fact is that the human voice is directly linked to one of the most vital systems of the human body: the respiratory system. By training your voice together with the rest of the body, you are training your respiratory system to work more efficiently during physical activity. This makes VOXXBODY® a true full-body training system.

Save time & money. Many amateur, semi-professional and professional singers, actors, and public speakers (teachers, lecturers, coaches, etc.) might hire a vocal coach or visit a speech therapist to improve their skills and correct vocal problems that usually occur due to overuse. The same people may also invest a significant amount of time and money in fitness studio memberships, classes, personal trainer services, home workout programs, or fitness apps. 

VOXXBODY® is the best of both worlds because it gives clients a safe, effective way to train the body and the voice simultaneously, which will save them time and money. The workouts are short (between 30 and 40 minutes) but can be easily adapted by the trainer for longer group sessions. [NOTE: we recommend that your classes be no longer than 50 minutes, to give the voice and body time to rest and recover.]

Mind/body connection. All physical or vocal activity requires a certain amount of concentration and neuromuscular coordination to be performed effectively; this is best observed in the worlds of competitive sports and the performing arts. The execution of sports plays, dance choreographies, singing while playing an instrument, etc. are all perfect examples of the body’s ability to remember intricate patterns while in motion. 

Athletes and performers share a common trait: the confidence and focus that comes from having complete control of their bodies and their voices. By combining functional fitness movement patterns with vocal exercises, VOXXBODY® workouts are designed to stimulate and improve the clients' cognitive skills, balance, and ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time, all of which enhance the mind/body connection.

So: if you're ready, let's get started!